Big Mutt


illustrated by ROD RUTH

“Once a sheep killer,
always a sheep killer!”

Dwight knows there is only one dog who could have made the enormous prints around the carcass of the slaughtered sheep – the dog he saw in the car of the tourists travelling through the North Dakota Badlands in the biggest blizzard he had ever seen. The dog must have been abandoned, and is killing only to keep from starving . . . but Dwight’s father and the other sheep ranchers will hear none of it. One by one, the animals they depend on for their livelihood are being killed, and the county is in an uproar. The hunt for the big mutt is on! Dwight is unconvinced that only the big mutt is doing the killing, but as the son of a sheep rancher, he is forced to join in the hunt. Will he be able to save the big mutt and prove that he is not a bloodthirsty killer?

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