Music Typesetting

At PrairieView Press we’ve been typesetting music for almost 30 years. Typesetting and printing songbooks with shaped-note songs and four-part harmony for a cappella singing is our specialty! Our jobs have ranged from larger hymnals in a variety of languages (English, Spanish, German, Creole) to simple jobs like doing a few songs on sheet music for individual songwriters. We’ve developed our own clean-looking, professional style of typesetting using our specially custom-designed music fonts.

Some of our services in music typesetting include:

  • Typesetting your song(s) for you in clear, readable format.
  • Giving each song two proofreadings after typesetting, to catch as many mistakes as possible.
  • Catching errors in timing or harmony and making changes upon your approval.
  • Adding four-part harmony to your song if you request it.
  • Typesetting a shaped note copy from a round note original, or vice versa.

Copyrights: We are careful to follow copyright laws. If a song is not your original, or is not in public domain and you have not obtained the legal permission, proper permission will need to be made with the copyright owner before retypesetting or arranging in a new format. We can help you with this by contacting the proper companies using internet searches or our database of copyright contacts. If you wish to do this yourself, see our page on Copyright & Song Info for more information on copyrights and copyright owners.

Other Typesetting Services

Do you have a book or just a few pages you would like typeset in an attractive format? We can typeset your copy from a handwritten manuscript or scan your typed copy onto the computer. You may also send us your computer file on a disc, flash drive, or by email. We will proofread your copy for spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors, and format the finished product using the type styles and sizes of your choice.

Deutsche Buchstaben Setzen: We offer to typeset your German manuscript and proofread the manuscript for spelling and grammatical errors. We can provide you with a copy in Fractur or Roman style, or both.

Printing Services

We offer a wide range of printing services, and can help you with each stage of the project; with planning and setup, through the printing stage to completion, and even with marketing your book! Find out how we can help you with projects such as songbooks, storybooks, reprints, cookbooks, or birthday calendars.


Are you considering publishing a songbook? We would be glad to help you! As mentioned in our music typesetting section, we can handle the typesetting for you. If you do your own typesetting we will also be happy to do the printing for you; just contact us for suitable file format and instructions.

Some of the services we offer to you:

  • Typesetting
    See the section on “Music Typesetting” at the top of this page.
  • Compiling
    Putting songs together to make a songbook can be like fitting a big puzzle together! We can do this work for you – Our specially developed system allows us to arrange songs by topic, size them correctly, and fit them together to form an attractive and efficient layout. Through this process we can also generate a list of first lines and titles for your index, with the correct song numbers.
  • Copyrights
    If your songbook contains copyrighted songs, permission will need to be obtained before printing. We will be glad to take this time-consuming job off your hands by contacting the proper companies using internet searches or our database of copyright contacts. If you wish to do this yourself, see our page on Copyright & Song Info for more information on copyrights and copyright owners.
  • Choosing a cover design and book format
    Are you picturing a hardcover book, or one with a soft cover? Smaller or larger dimensions? We can help you decide what makes sense for your collection of songs. Do you want a full color cover, or would you like it foil-stamped? We can design a cover for you, or if you have a cover design we can work with that.


Have you written a story that you would like to share with the world? We can help you bring this idea to completion.

Here are some of the services we offer:

  • Typesetting
    We can do the typesetting for you, or use your typeset file or printed copy.
  • Book design and layout
    There are many decisions that need to be made when printing a book, such as a suitable typestyle, book size, and type of binding. We’ll help you through this process and with you together, try to come up with the best fit for your book. We can give you prices on different options to help you decide.
  • Illustrations
    You may have illustrated your book, or have some photos you wish to include. We may also be able to refer you to an illustrator if you would like pictures in your book. If you have not yet illustrated your book but wish to draw the pictures yourself, we can give you some tips to give the best results when printing.
  • Cover Design
    An attractive cover is very important today! Perhaps you have a photo or illustration you would like to incorporate into the cover. Using your ideas, we will work together to design a cover until everyone is satisfied. We can also design a cover from scratch, or use a cover that you design.


Many old classics are hiding in dark and dusty bookshelves. Do you have one that you would like to see in print? We can make this a reality!

  • Copyrights
    We’ll help determine the copyright status of the book. Any book from 1923 or later may still be copyrighted in the USA. If the book is copyrighted, permission will need to be obtained from the copyright owner before printing. Using internet searches or our database of copyright contacts, the proper company can be contacted.
  • Typesetting
    If the copy is clear, the book can be scanned or copied and used as is. Often it is preferable to retypeset the book and get a clearer, more easily readable copy. We can typeset the book, or you may do it yourself.
  • Editing
    Sometimes the book needs to be edited to make it more understandable for today’s reader. If there are objectionable phrases or comments in the book, these can be removed.


Do you have a collection of favorite recipes that you would like to share? We print cookbooks too!

  • Compiling
    Maybe you’ve already grouped your collection into categories. We can also do this for you. After it has been set up, an index will be made.
  • Design
    Would you like tabs to make it easy to find the various categories? Do you need a cover design? We’ll help you through this process.
  • Binding
    Spiral bound cookbooks are the most popular, as they will lie flat on the counter, though hardcover books may be more durable.

Marketing Your Book

If we print your book, and it qualifies for catalog sales, we will list your book in our catalog and on our website at no additional charge, and sell your book to bookstores and individuals. We offer free storage in our warehouse for up to a year.

We can also help you get the word out by preparing a flyer to include in book orders, or mail and email direct to customers. We can also design an ad for you if you wish to advertise your book in a newspaper or magazine.

Birthday Calendars

Our customized birthday calendars can be used by church groups, families, or even a close circle of friends!

Our calendars include:

  • The name of your family or congregation printed at the top of each month, if this is desired.
  • Your unique selection of birthdays, anniversaries, and any other important dates at no extra charge.
  • 12 full color painted scenes, printed on attractive, sturdy paper.
  • Open size of 11” x 17”.
  • One price per calendar for any amount, minimum order of 15.

For more info on calendars, call 1-866-559-6779.

We reserve the right to refuse any printing job which we deem inappropriate or offensive.