Are you concerned about the quality of books you buy for your home, school library or bookstore – books that are good food for hungry minds and also don’t compromise the traditional family values you are concerned about? Do you also find that you don’t have the time to review all the books you buy? Be assured that all the books that we sell have been carefully reviewed for quality content before being accepted into our catalog. About 50% of the book reviewed don’t “make the grade”, but don’t worry, we still have enough good books to keep even the most avid reader going for a long time!

We are continually buying & reviewing story books to add to our selection of good books. This is quite involving, especially as we need to read about twice as many books as we accept! However, it has been, and continues to be, a very rewarding work. We also welcome your comments regarding the books we carry, and your suggestions of books you would like to see us carry.

Read about the importance of good, wholesome books!

Review codes

You may notice that some book descriptions contain a code such as “R:FT”. These codes alert you to negative points found in the books we sell. Some books by other publishers may express beliefs or contain incidents or expressions we do not appreciate. We accept some minor negative points if we feel that the overall effect of reading the book will be positive. For instance, we would not sell a book promoting evolution, but in a book full of animal facts, we may still accept the book if there are a few instances where it mentions “100 million years” etc. However, we will have “R:FT” listed in the book review. We attempt to keep careful note of these instances, and if you have any questions regarding our books, or even wish to know the exact places of these “bad points”, please don’t hesitate to contact us! Feel free to let us know if you come across something we have not noted.

Following is an explanation of these codes:

R:LG – Instances of unacceptable language (bywords etc.)
R:LY – Instances of lying, deceit, or dishonesty
R:FT – False teaching (instances of evolution, “millions of years” etc.)
R:VL – Instances of violence contrary to Biblical teaching
R:RC – Contains romance (dating, courtship, etc.)

Grade levels

Grade levels listed are guidelines only, as reading abilities and interests differ greatly from one child to another. (Some of us grownups here still enjoy proofreading children’s books!)

Lower grades – Grades 1-3
Middle grades – Grades 4-6
Upper grades – Grades 7-9
Youth to adult – Grades 10 and up

Regarding Use of Book Descriptions

Most of the book descriptions listed in our catalog and on our website have been written by staff at PrairieView Press, and we request anyone desiring to use these reviews in promoting their own sales to contact us first.