From the White House to the Amish


Katrina Hoover Lee – Follow Tom Kirkman’s incredible life, starting with his childhood during the Great Depression and through World War II. He witnesses his parent’s faith in God and sees many answered prayers of his mother. Due to his mother’s health, he prays hard for God to heal her. No treatment is discovered, and Tom grows bitter and disillusioned with God. Meanwhile, he joins the army. While there, his artistic ability comes to light, and he is suddenly moved to the White House to join their calligraphy team. He even works for the CIA before reading a newspaper article that would change his life. He visits an Amish man who has chosen to go to jail rather than deny his conscience and beliefs. Tom yearns for that peace and joy in his own life. Read on to see how God leads Tom step by step, just as He leads all those that truly seek Him. This book is based on facts, with some details added by the author.


Youth to Adult


Pages: 336

ISBN: 9781950791552