I Survived the Hindenburg Disaster, 1937


Lauren Tarshis – Do you know what a zeppelin is? Follow Hugo and his family as they take a ride on the famous Hindenburg, a zeppelin created by the Germans. This trip is the chance of a lifetime, but it is filled with fear and uncertainty for Hugo. His little sister is fighting for her life battling malaria, and they are on their way to New York to get help from a specialist. This takes place in 1937, and there are Nazis on board the zeppelin. When Hugo learns that they are searching for an American spy on board, the adventure turns dangerous. Suddenly there is an explosion, and then Hugo is struggling to survive, along with 97 others. Can he jump out in time? Does the spy get through? Read this exciting book to find out!


Middle to Upper Grades


Pages: 108

ISBN: 9780545658508