Meals Around the World


Mary Raber – This cookbook is is a book of recipes from all around the world. Here are a few recipes. Bangladesh: “Meat Curry”, Belize: “Banana Fry Bread”, Brazil: “Brazilian Chicken and Rice”, Dominican Republic: “Avocado Dip”, El Salvador: “Pupusas”, Ethiopia: “Barley Meal”, Ghana: “Rice Balls”, Guatemala: “Radish Chile”, Haiti: “Haitian Spaghetti”, India: “Naan”, Jamaica: “Jamaican Jerk Chicken”, Kenya: “Ugali Chips”, Malawi: “Chikonda Moyo – African Cornbread”, Mexico: “Sopapilla”, Mozambique: “Bean Caril”, Myanmar: “Coconut Noodles”, Nicaragua: “Chorizo and Eggs”, Nigeria: “Nigerian Stew”, Philippines: “Chicken With Cashew Nuts”, Russia and Ukraine: “Carrot Salad”, Uganda: “Cabbage”, Zimbabwe: “Sadza”, North America: “Taco Pizza”.

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ISBN: 9780615205915