Open the Dikes


Rebecca Martin – The setting is the Netherlands and Gerrit Lieven, whose parents were Mennonites, has joined the “Beggars” who revolt over Spain’s rule over the Netherlands. He is injured by a Spaniard and is taken to the home of his sister Elva. He meets Elva’s maid, Bettgen, falls in love with her, and eventually they marry. Bettgen also came from a Mennonite home whose parents were “taken.” They befriend the Pruys family, also Mennonites, and when the parents are taken, they take in the Pruys children. This causes real friction with Gerrit, who never really accepts them. Finally Gerrit leaves to go and fight with the “Beggars” again. Will they find the truth and follow the right path?

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Upper Grades to Youth


Pages: 159

ISBN: 9781890050030