Pineapple Quilt, The


Rebecca Martin – This fictional story is set among the Old Order Mennonites in Waterloo County, Ontario in the late 1900s. Back then, it was a common practice for the youth girls to be hired out for a year at a time to help young mothers with childcare and house keeping. This story follows Nancy Martin as she is hired out to Wayne and Ellen Bauman, and their 6 rambunctious boys. Nancy learns how to run the milkers at Wayne’s dairy farm, and tries to please Ellen, who is very particular. One important decision Nancy must make is whether she will join the instruction class for baptism. You’ll meet Doddy and Mommy, beloved grandparents who also live in the house, and who teach Nancy some valuable life lessons.

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Youth to Adult


Pages: 248

ISBN: 978-1-989205-06-8