Reflections of Praise


Emery & Jolene Yoder – Here is a collection of songs compiled by Jolene Yoder. A few song titles from the book are. “Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee”, “Praise The Lord”, “I Love You, For You Are My Child”, “The Scarlet Purple Robe”, “We Saw Thee Not”, “Walk A Mile”, “Daddy Sang Bass”, “The Wonder Of Love”, ” Please! Do It On Your Knees”, “How Tall Is That Mountain!”, “The Melody Of The Heart”, “Waiting On Jesus”, “The Secret Place”, “Calm This Storm For Me”, “I Often Think Of The Day (Working The Road)”, “Weep No More”, “Swing Low, Swing Low Sweet Chariot”, “Where The Roses Never Fade”.

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Youth to Adult


Songs: 333

ISBN: 9781989205365