The Berestain Bears Holiday Cookbook


Mike Berenstain – Cook with the Berenstain Bears! This is a cute cookbook with pictures, perfect for children with adult supervision. In the Valentine’s Day section, enjoy goodies such as “Pink Party popcorn” and “Valentine’s Day Pizza.” Try “Baby Honey’s Favorite Mashed Potatoes” and “Krispie Easter Eggs” in the Easter section. The Fourth of July category has “Sparkling Raspberry Lemonade.” In the Fall Festivities section, there are favorites such as “Papa’s Paw-Lickin’ Good Chicken Wings” and “Oven Roasted Corn on the Cob.” And in the Thanksgiving section, check out “Cornbread and Honey Butter” and “Grizzly Gran’s Famous Pumpkin Pie.” And last but not least, in the Christmas section, try “Cozy Hot Cocoa” and “Accordion Potatoes.” These recipes and lots more are waiting to be tried!

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Lower to Middle Grades


96 Pages

ISBN: 9780310753995