The Best Mistake Ever! And Other Stories


Richard Scarry – Read 3 interesting stories about Huckle Cat and Lowly Worm. In the “Best Mistake Ever”, Huckle offers to buy groceries for his busy mother, but then forgets the grocery list! Read how Lowly Worm helped him buy groceries anyway, and they have a party too! In “A Visit to Mr. Fix-it”, Huckle buys a cuckoo clock for his mother as a Mother’s Day gift, and then has a crash on his bike. Oh, no! Mr. Fix-it to the rescue! Why does Huckle’s bike say “cuckoo” after that? In “Best Friends”, it seems like Lowly Worm has left Huckle and chosen a different friend. Huckle is very sad. Read this story for a surpirse ending!

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Preschool to Lower Grades


Pages: 48

ISBN: 9780394868165