Try To Stop Me


Jonathan Paul Miller and Vernell Klassen Miller – “Try to stop me!” Vernell’s handsome six foot four inch son easily pushed past her outstretched arm. She was attempting to block him from joining friends in mischief. Head and shoulders taller than his mother, he towered over her, smirking. She was not successful in stopping him. A broken neck and a broken heart more than a decade later, would. As he sat beside his mother to begin the telling of his prodigal journey, Jonathan said, “I don’t have to write a long testimony for our book. Just go right down that list (the Ten Commandments). I’ve pretty much done a thorough job breaking every one of them, and I was proud of it—proud and arrogant!” This is Jonathan’s book, written as a result of his invitation to his mother to put his journey on paper. It is also his parents’ book and a book for all families who have been perplexed by the routes their children have taken in life. It compassionately relates how Tourette Syndrome affected the family, and it includes a final section, especially for those who are still on a detour.


Youth to Adult


Pages: 256

ISBN: 9781897080955