Echoes of Triumph No. 9


Elizabeth Drudge – Here is a collection of songs were some of them have been written in memory of friends. Here are the titles. Listen to the Song of the Heavenly Chorus, Break Forth Into Singing, Come With Sweet Incense, The Golden Chain, Bloom Where You’re Planted, Stand Up and Bless the Lord You’re God, Tonight You Are Safe, Sleep Baby Jesus, Stand Behind Me, Exhort One Another Daily, The Healing of Two Blind Men, Put My Tears Into My Bottle, I Watched God Paint a Sunrise, There’s a Line in God’s Mercy, Consider Now My Ways, Where Will You Be After Judgement?, Where Will You Be After Judgement?, Male Arranged, Break up Your Fallow Ground, The Bishop’s Hands, Our Baby Brother, Everlasting Consolation, When Strong Young Men Are Taken Home, There is but A Step, They Shall Come Home From the East, Grandpa’s Trail, The Memories Will Get Sweeter, What Doth the Lord Require of Thee?, When it’s Christmas Time in the Glory Land, How Much More?, Into Thy Hands, Oh, Let Me Fall, The Value of a Praying Mother, Why Art Thou Cast Down?, Psalm 135, Therefore Give More Earnest Heed, Limping or Leaping, How Can The Church Be Glorious?, The Ransomed of the Lord, Remember God in Days of Youth, Remember God, How Excellent is Thy Name!,


Youth to Adult


Pages: 52

ISBN: None